July 23, 2012BuzzFeed writes about sentiment analysis.Link
July 20, 2011The Guardian uses our tool to analyze Murdoch.Link
November 2, 2010Mashable uses our tool for analysis of Republicans vs. Democrats for the 2010 midterm elections.Link
September 1, 2010Trendrr bases their sentiment analysis on our paper - "How We Did It: The Development of Trendrr v3′s Sentiment Analysis Engine"
August 24, 2010MIT Technology Review mentions the site in passing.Link
April 13, 2010TechCrunch shows how people feel about "Promoted Tweets"Link
April 3, 2010TechCrunch uses Twitter Sentiment to show how people feel about the iPad.Link
March 31, 2010
SocialMouths - "6 Tools For Twitter Sentiment Tracking"
March 23, 2010
Small Business Trends - "5 Free Ways To Track Twitter Sentiment"
March 11, 2010Search Engine Journal - "3 Tools to Analyze the Sentiment of Your Brand Social Mentions" Link
March 3, 2010Social Times -  "10 Free Twitter Tools for Analysis, Trends, And Insights"Link
February 26, 2010Social Media Metrics, a book by Jim Sterne mentions our site.Link
February 18, 2010TechCrunch uses Twitter Sentiment to show that people think NBC's Olympics coverage sucks.Link
December 26, 2009TechCrunch uses Twitter Sentiment to assess sentiment for the movie Avatar.Link
June 4, 2009The Measurement Standard reviews various sentiment analysis tools for Twitter tools, including our web application.Link
April 29, 2009
Programmable Web declares it "Mashup of the Day."

Other Buzz:

May 9, 2011UT Austin - Natural Language Processing class - Sentiment Analysis projectLink
November 10, 2010Liberate Media - "Three free Twitter sentiment tools"Link
September 2, 2010Media Redefined used our tool to assess sentiment for the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung WaveLink
April 30, 2010MakeUseOf - "10 Web Tools To Try Out Sentiment Search & Feel the Pulse"Link
April 19, 2010
TechDusts uses Twitter Sentiment to show how perceptions about the Indian Minister Shashi Tharoor changed due to recent events. 
March 15, 2010Srinivas Muddana mentions our site in "Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data"Link
March 12, 2010Brian Solis mentions our site in "The Brand Dashboard: A Window to Relevance"Link
February 24, 2010Twitterrati reviews our siteLink
February 22, 2010
EverythingTwitter reviews our site
December 27, 2009Webnomena analyzes sentiment of Nook vs. Kindle 
July 9, 2009Click Insights mentions our site.Link
May 4, 2009TradeCard includes our site in a presentation about cloud computing (slide 17).Link